Corinne Lewis

Sterling silver set brooches

My name is Corinne Lewis and I am an artist based in the North East of the UK.

Throughout my career I have worked with a variety of amazing individuals and organisation on some truly brilliant projects. Many of which you can find here.

But just in case you don’t have the time to go to another site below are a few images that give you an idea of the work that you will find more details about on the above link.

                  Flux installation For group show Nest                    Salon Art Prize Submission


                  Plant Microscopy - School of Biology residency at Newcastle University                    Saltwell Park Residency

                  Gallery of Wonder exhibit                     Equal Arts Residency

                   Transmutations - Masters (Photography)                     Corporate Gifts - Newcastle University


In addition to carrying out community based art, public and private commission and developing my own practice. I also run a giftware company called Powder Butterfly. You can find out about a variety of project by clicking the link here.

Powder Butterfly combines years of experience using a variety of processes and skills to explore the concept of an artwork as a gift item. Taking an image from the sterile at times intimidating context of the gallery and transporting it to the wearable or decorative gift. The marriage of my creative practice as an artist and the design of unique, practical and usable products allows for an original creative process and therefore a huge diversity of outcomes and applications.

I design and make items from the customizable individually crafted piece, to a bespoke high end corporate gift package. Below is a taste of what I have produced so far. I am always open to new collaborations and ideas. Please feel free to get in touch should you have a project in mind.



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